Rethinking 4/3 Depth Of Field

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Exposure is dominant

Great Bustard wrote:

Alumna Gorp wrote:

Great Bustard wrote:

Alumna Gorp wrote:

Have a read at this.

...and made a few notes on some of his opinions:

No bleeding you again

That's right -- I had forgotten we had crossed paths before:

By the way, here's a current case-in-point as to why an understanding of Equivalence is useful for many:

Seems that f/2.8 isn't f/2.8 after all, eh? 

at some point some lenses will
where DoF is settled to be satisfactory as opposed to absolute, and 2.8 (in this case) is the minimum aperture a lens offers, 2.8 does indeed = 2.8

astro is a good example, where stars are so far away that f/2.8 lens can be set to infinity and no closer DoF need be considered. And as it happens there is a shutter speed limit of 20 seconds before stars becomes lines or streaks.

Exposure is dominant in such a calculation, and DoF is deemed achievable and satisfactory

If for some reason greater DoF is required (including part of a landscape) smaller sensors are likely to benefit from this restraint having inherently greater DoF, for a given shutter speed and limited widest aperture (f/2.8).

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