Do I really "need" a Q :-)

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Re: Do I really "need" a Q :-)

audiobomber wrote:

- I don't want to start collecting lenses for another mount

I concur.

- Supertele results with the Q are not better than adding a TC, or even two, to my K-01 and DA*300. I bought a Carry Speed VF-3 yesterday to improve usability of the K-01.

WISH I had that lens.  Nice!

I have that VF-3 on my list.

- I don't need more choices of which camera to bring, which lenses to pack, second guess, change my mind at the last minute, forget something I need.

Totally agree.  Gear paralysis is problem that grows with your collection.

- Size is the only real advantage of the Q, the K-01 beats it in every other way. Best use what I already have. I have a fanny pack that will fit the K-01 with DA 40 mounted. I have a small shoulder bag that will carry a K-01 with lens mounted and a small prime. I will look for a small belt case today that will carry the K-01 with FA 35, because that's my main lens. Then I won't have any reason not to pack a camera, and no further reason to buy a small sensored camera.

I love my K-01 as well and with the DA 40 it is very compact.

But damn, that Q with 8.5mm is cool.

No two ways about it but the 8.5 is pretty much ruled out unless I want to pay $800 for the two lens kit!

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