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Machine Gun Kelly wrote:

It doesn't really matter. I've decided to get out of photography anyway.

So you thought you could make an easy living, and could make it pay, now it's photography's fault.

I the several years I tried (and I tried everything) I couldn't make it pay. I hear people claiming online that it does. I have no proof of this - you could all be genuine or you could all be 12 year olds having a laugh.

Yup I've been posting on here for 10 years I started on here at two, my grammar and spelling was advanced for my age You  can probably still find evidence of my images with Getty in 97/98/99 and I have been the staff photographer for 14 years, making a living out of photography. Sorry to disappoint you, But I am a genuine photographer.

You can download my PDF folio from Grahamsnook.com if you feel the urge.

Unless you think I had the forethought 10 years ago to sign up on here using the name Graham Snook, in the hope that one day someone called Graham Snook would come along and put some pretty pictures of boats on a website.

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