What makes Your morning/evening Hours Golden ?

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Re: What makes Your morning/evening Hours Golden ?

Lights wrote:

Detail Man wrote:

In the nature/landscape shooting that I do, the nature/quality of the light is an essential factor .

The "science" (if there really is one) seems extraordinarily complex, variable, unclear, unsatisfying ...

There are certain types of sky conditions that I have noted can be more conducive - but there seem to also be additional variable factors (such as the time of the year, and the angle of the sun).

Try as I may, my best notations of what worked in the past do not necessarily apply tomorrow ...

Yet, there is a certain glow on certain days/times that that seems quite evident to my eyes, and it seems (in my mind) that others (a painter, a stranger, a young child) can all readily perceive that !

Though such lighting conditions (at least) seem unmistakable , language seems to fall far short ...

Wavelengths, color temperatures, refractions, dispersions, are not truths that speak to the heart .

I can talk about clear horizons, light partial clouds, seasons, times, etc - but there is no set formula.

Question for you: Do you have a language describing how/why the light sometimes enchants us ?

I think the visual language is a language unto itself.

Nature is the realm of the unspeakable. It includes, but is not enveloped by, symbolic utterences.

As there are sometimes no translations between differing written or spoken languages, there sometimes is difficulty translating between those languages and languages such as visual, musical etc. (sometimes the experiences of the subject in varying languages play a part especially in the emotions or thoughts evoked...for instance no matter how meaningful a poem or story written in German would be, I wouldn't understand it because I'm not versed in the German language..and even if I could speak rudimentary German..I couldn't understand the nuances within the language). So as I've always felt, to describe one language with another can be very frustrating, almost to the point of futility.

Witnessing is about the witnessed, as opposed to being a story composed by/about the witness.

In that sense, Nature is silent in it's indifference as to how or why we conceptually envision it.

I know this is an old thread, but I find a very interesting one..and one I've thought about some.

Good to know your thoughts, my friend.

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