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Party Pix

Traditional wedding photography (excluding the Tier I market) is one of the largest money pits in photography, and it's getting worse, but it is a great deal for young (pretty competent) newbie photographer who wants to make a quick $1,500 via turn-n-burn business model shooting clients who couldn't care less about a $400-600 photo album.  18k per annum is decent money for a kid living at home saving for college. It sure beats slinging burgers or waitressing.  Universities routinely hire amateur photographers as well- $150 here, $300 there... basically 2 hours of easy work for students living off loans and student aid = a good gig.  That's a common reality today in photography- the little guy being hired instead of the seasoned professional for such work because the results are commonly too close to quibble over or care about.

It gets even worse than that. I shoot a lot of marathons here. I realize they are grunt jobs, low pay but they used to make it worth your while to get up at 3:30am on a Sunday to shoot. The vendors, ASI, Marathon Foto, Finisher Pix, etc. used to pay a flat fee of around $450 for the event. Over the past several years that has diminished to, get this, $50/hr (6-7 hour event) then 17 CENTS a bib shot! Do the math. Even their Craigslist adds have gone from soliciting working photographers to this, I kid you not; "if you can shoot party pix we can use you. No experience required". That alone should illustrate where this industry's heading, where its at.

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