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Ciao Paul....

.... and thanks for posting this one as it's really a very nice and well thought picture and it allowed for such an interesting discussion .

Of course it seems your eyes are really working on some compelling aspect about composition , and i love the fact that you do this in the most natural way , without any pretentious rewarding .

I like this picture very much , so i took the liberty to think about that... and since i have seen that you dosen't mind , i would like to contribute with my personal vision .

Btw , tell me if you are not enjoying that i allowed myself to post a different version of one of your picture , and i will understand ... no problem, at all !!

The background square patterns on the wall are such some perfect candidates to use them in the framing (4+2), i also like the yellow barrier you have included , but i think it doesn't add so much to the composition , and the upper light stripe is not really needed in the "dreamy" area ..... That area  is just really shining on its own , only the guy really need this   ....and you have just interesting colors matching in all the case .

Btw , i like the picture as it is .... but i think that Carl was quite right in his interpretation.... always matter of taste of course .

So this is my own interpretation about all i have said above .....

Not sure if it's better or worse , and it's not important at all , the important thing is exchanging opinions and interpretations ..... Thanks !!!

Ciao, Gianluca

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