DotTune: Video Tutorial for AF tuning without photographs

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Do you have AF lock set?
I am quite sure I had the camera set to AF-S. Can't double check now because the camera and lens is at Nikon Melville despite servicing one and a half weeks ago. By the way what is the default for live view AF-S or AF-F in live view (the manual does not seem to tell).? Nikon reset them to default when they had the camera, I had to do all my own settings once I got it back

Your explanation sound logical for my issue. But I remember checking everything before doing the tests, That does however not mean that it's absolute.

If you do a lot of "focus and recompose", disable any custom functions(CF) you may have setup for the AE/AF lock and  AF-ON button.

It messed me right up when testing on a D4...and would not let me AF using the liveview using a friend's camera.  He programmed the AFON button to be a AF-LOCK button, and it totally messed up focusing using liveview...

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