For travel - 20mm or 25mm Panasonic?

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David Kieltyka
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Curvature Of Field

NZ Scott wrote:

To be honest, I did have higher hopes for the 17/1.8. I think for the price it should have f1.4 aperture, and it would also be nice if it were just a smidgen sharper. However, it's still a very good lens.

In my use of the two lenses (17mm f/1.8 & 20mm f/1.7) I can't say I've noticed any differences in actual resolving capability. Of course the 20 is a little longer--in the M43 format 3mm makes a noticeable difference at the wide end--so the slightly greater magnification compared to the 17 might give the impression of greater sharpness. But what the 17 does have compared to the 20 is more field curvature. This can make it less effective than the 20 for shots of fairly distant subject matter where you want the corners as sharp as the center. But if you actually focus the 17 on closer subjects using the corner focus points, those corners are plenty sharp...even wide open.

It's gotta be pretty difficult to design a fast rectilinear 17mm lens, at least one mere mortals can afford, that doesn't have some degree of field curvature.


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