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Re: Best Buy is probably dead in the next few years.

malch wrote:

stevewmn wrote:

I think they might be wise to consolidate to fewer but larger stores.

How far will people drive to buy electronics goods?

In my case, not far. From my home, I'll drive to Fry's or Walmart (less than 1 mile each) or to Costco (about 2 miles). There again, if I'm going to Costco, I'll probably get gas there, other shopping, and maybe lunch!

You're an exception.  There are 34 Frys locations altogether.  Micro Center has 23 locations.  Best Buy has 1400 locations.  Frys and Micro Center are doing pretty well, indicating that people are willing to drive a bit to buy electronics from a store that actually has a broad selection of products, unlike Best Buy or Walmart which have a limited selection.

Consider a photo related retail example:  Have you ever been to B&H Photo or Adorama?  They're big and getting bigger.  People are very willing to drive an hour or more to handle the latest and greatest cameras in person before buying, in a place where they can see ALL the latest cameras.  Meanwhile, the local mom and pop camera stores are just about gone because you can get 90% of what they ever carried at Best Buy or from Amazon.

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