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I will refrain from personal statements.

Just for the record I am a working professional with 30+ years of photography and video experience. Admitedly the video portion is new in the last year. In that regard I am a video newbie. At 56 years old I am still learning and refining my  skills. I am constantly looking for new opportunities. I knock on a few new doors every week.

Yes, the economy in the last 7 or so years has taken a toll on the income of photographers. Some of my peers have gone on to do other things and the rest of us work harder for less money. Most of the ones who have gone away did not love their craft. It was just a job. Those that have stayed are just like me. Working smarter for less money. That isn't so different from the population at large.

What I can't figure out is threads like this that bemoan the demise of a fabulous craft such as image making. Frankly I can't believe I get paid to do what I love. If you don't love this business it will never be what you want. If you do love it then work harder, invest in more clients and do some pro bono work in the community. I promise you will get a return on your investment on all three counts. Will it be enough?  Hard to say. If you don't do those things then you have no right to suggest that the business is dying.

Personally I like to shoot stuff that doesn't talk back. I have added a couple clients that need portraits and even though it isn't my specialty or that I particularly like doing portraits. I do it because it furthers all my opportunities.

I could be negative like some. My income is less than in the first 5-6 years of this decade yet I am growing my business at a rate of 3-4% a year. Nothing to write home about but in this economy I'll take it. I have added some skills and taken back some of my photoshop work from a contract worker. I do a bit more in QUick Books than before because I have the time.

I try not to look back except for context. I am looking forward to what is to come. Imaging is changing and you need to re-invent yourself every few years. I don't want to be a dinosaur.

My 2 cents worth! With inflation that works out to be 1.72%.

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