Any reason to shoot film nowadays?

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Re: Any reason to shoot film nowadays?

bseng wrote:

What are some reasons why someone would shoot 35mm film over a DSLR. Can you extract higher image quality from 35mm?

Some people don't obsess about 'Image Quality' in the technical sense, although 35mm film was good enough for many fine photographers. When I shoot film, I do it for a particular 'look' that I find easy to get from negative film. I can get this from digital, of course, but it is time-consuming.

In a recent issue of Rangefinder, a few wedding pros indicated that they were either going back to film for some work, still shooting film, or shooting both film and digital. For some, it was the 'send it to the lab' workflow, for others, the 'look', and for others partly a financial reason.

I also love film cameras. No menus. No Fn buttons. No autofocus deciding what the 'subject' is. With DX, no chance of setting the wrong ISO. This is my view, and may not apply to anyone else. No, I don't use my F3 for sports; I have a DSLR for local soccer games, etc. Most of all, there is no pressure to 'upgrade'. Film cameras don't improve Eye-Cue when you buy a new one. No groom would look at my F4 the way they might see my D300. "What, no full-frame?" As though that meant something.

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