Do I really "need" a Q :-)

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Re: Do I really "need" a Q :-)(examples)

SRT201 wrote:

neil holmes wrote:

SRT201 wrote:

Will that small appeal wear off when the sacrifice in IQ becomes more apparent?

For people who DO just treat it as a point and shoot, in a lot of cases, probably.

I gather the output looks decent in good light but gets into P&S territory when indoors.

It is a LOT better at low light than most give it credit for.....and especially if you put good fast lenses on it.

That's the issue then really.  If I am tempted by the "the lens is basically free" pricing and pick it up for "when I need a really small camera" which I can't say is often, then it may be a waste.  I usually go for the best IQ I can get so I imagine myself getting disenchanted comparing it to the K-5 or K-01.

I suppose for unique long tele work or extreme macro with an adapter it would indeed be cool but again the sacrifice in IQ might eventually cause my enthusiasm wear off.

IQ is not the same as sharpness. This is a easy trigger camera.

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