OMD severe flash exposure problem

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Isabel...a bit O.T.

If you like using the Stoffen as you have indicated, you really should give the 'Better Bounce Card' a try. Peter Gregg offers the following video that shows how to make your own, and how it works.

I made up about 10 of these a couple years ago (and have given most of them away to photographer friends). I find this design to be much better than the Stoffen, or Gary Fong diffusers for doing bounce because the light is being reflected forward and up rather than 360 degrees in every direction.

The light quality from this design is very natural looking, and you are not wasting flash power lighting the people behind you, etc.

When ceilings are too high to benefit from bounce, or when weird color casts might result from bounce I use a very effective, but inexpensive mini softbox on my flash -- the Vivitar DF-Pro, which collapses easily and fits in a camera bag pocket. Fry's sells them for $9.99.

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