Who here got rid of all dust on their sensor with wet cleaning?

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Which sensorpen do you have? nt


Every so often I set down and clean all my cameras, and my wife.  D80, D200, D300, D700, and soon-to-be-cleaned-the-first-time D800e.

I use Pec Pads, a plastic wand, a rubber band, Eclipse2 fluid, and patience.  I follow up with a Sensorpen.

For me, it's almost never a one-pass job.   First time took me 30 minutes and 7 pads.   I've got better with practice, so now often one or two wet cleans and a quick dab with the Sensorpen to finish.

I start with a Rocket Blower, giving a few puffs.   Then I check to see what's left and where.

I've got a sensor loupe with a light - worthless for seeing the dust specks that show up at F11, but handy to see how badly you've screwed up leaving cleaning streaks on the sensor.   But to check, you absolutely have to do a test shot and check the results.  Chimping the LCD at the right magnification works fine.

Once I decide to wet clean, I lay everything out in a clean, bright work area.  I make sure the batteries are fully charged.

I make a wet clean pass, then check it by taking a test shot.   I usually find the old spots gone after the first pass now (unless sticky pollen was on there), but I've managed to shove dust into a corner.

Additional wet passes usually remove a lot of dust, but move some around to another corner.  Eventually I got smart and bought a sensorpen.   It's got a small tip that I carefully use on dirty corners, and the job is then almost always done.   Saves a lot of aggravation.

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