Cougar encounter

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Re: Cougar encounter

I grew up in southern California during the 50s and 60s, not all that far from Glendale, in Whittier.

For those not familiar with the region, Glendale is in the Los Angeles basin, sort of a bedroom community for L.A. You can tell you're there by street signs, not that you can tell otherwise where one community leaves off and another begins.

Like most of the region, Glendale backs up to hills with oaks and scrub of the San Gabriel mountains beyond where the houses stop. Back in the late 60s, a small child sitting on the curb outside his home was attacked and killed by a coyote. Which live everywhere, even denning down in central L.A. vacant lots.

Deer are fairly common up there, as are feral pigs, and once in a while you'd even see a bear wandering around.

Moving to the present, I live about a half-hour south of San Jose. A couple of years ago, we had three mostly-grown mountain lions wandering around in a housing tract next to an elementary school; the kids were inside at the time, but had been out for recess shortly before the cats arrived. Deer and wild pigs, along with wild turkey, bobcat, raccoons, coyote, possum and skunk wander through regularly.

And no, this isn't a rural community; it's more the case that most people don't pay much attention to what's around them most of the time.

I guess this all boils down to we ought to have our cameras with us all the time.


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