110 film is to 35MM as M43rd is to FF?

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Re: 110 film is to 35MM as M43rd is to FF?

Morris Sullivan wrote:

FractalFlame wrote:

35mm was 24 × 36 mm.

110 was 13 × 17 mm

That is NOT "exactly 1/2 the size" - it's about a quarter!

Half of each dimension = 1/4, not 1/2 over all.. it's a common misconception.

Technically true, but a bit pedantic.

Right.  The original intent was to compare to 4/3 with its 13 x 17mm sensor size and "2X crop factor" (which is probably where "1/2 the size" came from).

In any event, 110 was awful, delivering poor results to the masses, whereas m43 is delivering better results than the masses are getting from their ubiquitous iPhones, so I don't think that a comparison based on sensor sizes is very meaningful.

- Dennis

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