do I need to use a speedlight for this type of still life photo

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Re: I think you want low-key lighting (samples)

Darrell Spreen wrote:

ocean76 wrote:


I have a very old (mid 1900s) typewriter which I want to shoot.

I want to a side lightning hich hopefully would give the typewriter a dim, mystical and old effect but the thing is I am not very good at flash photography and lighting setup.

The examples below were done with some inexpensive off-camera speedlights -- 2 in the first case and just one in the second example.

For the first one, I connected one flash to the camera with a pc-sync cord and the other was optically slaved -- probably the simplest way to use multiple off-camera flashguns.  I recall that, in the first case, one flash was aimed into a white umbrella while the other had a home-made grid over the flash to get a spot-light effect on the book.

(Unfortunately, I can't get DPR's tool for embedded photos to work right now, so here are links to the pictures)

Hope this is helpful.

wowwww, this is amazing Darrell.
This is just the effect I want to create.Thank you for sharing those photos..
I was searching for a sample to show and found a closer one from a magazine and scanned it:, you can see the scanned photo below:

But then I saw yours and said to myself: this is exactly what I want.
I really really think that if I could give the very same effect as yours, that old typewriter from my grandfather would reborn again after some 30 years of staying in the attic..
If I could make it look like yours...

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