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I use a Speedracer.

Photos of what I (used to) stuff in it here:

I like it quite a bit, but it only holds so much.   Good thing too, or it would get too heavy.

It has some real advantages, mainly these:

a. moves most of the weight to the hips (more on that below)

b. you can work standing up, do lens changes, get stuff, etc, but rotating the bag around to the front.

c. you can wear it on a helicopter or bus or car while sitting by rotating it to the front

d. your hands are free, and shoulders (mostly) don't hurt.

I wear it with the shoulder strap at the same time.   I duck my head through and wear the strap crosswise, from left shoulder to right hip.    Then I can rotate the bag around the right hip to the front when needed.

The strap helps pull some weight up, else the bag tends to sag and pull to the back.   This is the biggest of the TT waist bags, and it can get heavy.   Sometimes I'll hook a thumb under the strap and pull up a bit to shift weight and steady the bag.   Overall, this works pretty well for me.

The strap makes it a lot easier to put the bag on and take it off.   All I have to do is to release the belt clip and the bag swings under one shoulder.  I then just lift the strap off and set it down.   On the other hand, it does eventually make that shoulder a bit sore, but overall I prefer it that way over not using the strap.

Another thing I like about the Speedracer is the modular belt system.  I put a chimp cage on one side and a water bottle on the other.    While I can fit another camera with grip in the chimp cage (no lens), I usually just put odds and ends in there - especially when traveling through airports.   The zippered pocket is too small to put bigger odds and ends in.

The water bottle holder is never left unused when I take this out in the desert shooting.   Occasionally I've used it to hold another lens.

The system is well thought out for working standing up.   The top flap opens away from you.  The zippered pocket is 'captive' with side webs so won't open very far and dump stuff on the ground.   There is a zippered opening across the middle of the top - I'm not quite sure why it is there, but probably for the reason I use it, which is dumping things like lens caps into the bag in  a hurry.   It comes with a tethered Pixel Pocket Rocket which is perfect for changing cards in the field without losing anything.    It has a small handle on the top front which is useful for grabbing it for short carries or jus to pick it up to put on.

My biggest complaint is that I wish it were even a bit bigger.  I'd like to have it hold my 70-200 with D800 mounted, but that combo is a bit too tall.

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