Thom Hogan's assessment of a D400

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Re: Thom Hogan's assessment of a D400

nikkorwatcher wrote:

redhed17 wrote:

The 7D was in response to the D300 because it blew the 40D out of the water. The 7D never really matched the D300S, but it hasn't harmed sales of that camera too bad.

I wonder if you really believe the D300 and 40D were really such competitors to each other, because simple research shows that the cameras were announced 3 days apart. You don't design and build a camera line in 3 days. And a camera 30% more expensive than another is not really the others' competition.

But on second thoughts, I think there might be a bit of pride involved in trying to leap frog one another...

Perhaps I should have said the Canon 30D. :-/

Just found these Canon and Nikon DSLR timelines on Wikipedia. What I would say is the level designations changed as time went on as they both brought out cameras at the top and bottom of their ranges. The Nikon D70 was their entry level for 2+ years. And the xxD rabge was Canon's most advanced APs-C camera for many years until the 7d came out. They have been very careful not to go head to head with cameras, mixing features and price points, but they have an entry, mid and advanced level cameras, and I would say that is how the general public views them.

Of course trust Canon to add to the confusion with the 100D. lol

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