The price of the SD1M is still way too high!

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Re: The price of the SD1M is still way too high!

I appreciate Americans have a different concept of what makes a nice car to Europeans but I detest any cars bigger than a Golf.  I had a VW Passat as a courtesy car for a couple of weeks recently while I was having the annual rear end replacement my car seems to attract ("oops sorry mate, foot slipped off the clutch").  I hated it. Huge bus of a car. I know you might consider cars like Passats and Mondeos to be small but I consider then horribly huge and stodgy drives.

My favourite cars are what we call Superminis here (small hatchbacks) eg Ford Fiesta, VW Polo, Fiat Punto, Renault Clio, Vauxhall/Opel Corsa, Nissen Micra, Toyota Yaris.... Haven't seen many cars of this size in my three trips to N America. The nearest equivalent I remember was a Geo Metro or something similar.

Actually the most fun car I've driven now sadly departed to the rustbed in the sky was my 1987 Ford Fiesta XR2 - especially after I had the suspension uprated so it was scraping along  the road.  It didn't have the power of my current Golf but it was incredibly nimble and responsive and made driving fun. A former colleague of mine used to joke about his TVR sports car that not only could you tell when you ran over a coin but you could tell whether it was heads or tails. My XR2 was like that.

Big cars like Rolls and SUVs and RVs are just railway trains transported to the road. Fine comfortable and quiet for passengers on a long motorway cruise but as nimble as a supertanker on a twisty country lane. Not my cup of tea. If I was given a Rolls, I'd sell it without even sitting in the driver's seat. If my dad were stil capable of driving safely, he'd like one though...

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