Survey: Did you shoot Pentax (Film or digital) before Nikon?

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Re: Survey: Did you shoot Pentax (Film or digital) before Nikon?

1) Did you used to shoot Pentax in the past, if so, film or digital?

Yes, film, an SP1000 and a Spotmatic F

2) Do you still use some Pentax equipment now (dual-system?)


3) Why did you pick up Nikon? (what shortcomings in the Pentax product line prompted this, if any?)

Moved to an FM2 for the fast X-sync speed

4) Is Pentax's lack of FF offerings partially responsible for your move into Nikon? 

Not judging from the date I moved!  My concern about Pentax would be the long term longevity of the system, in fact I worry sometimes that Nikon might fall by the wayside!  Olympus of course are the best example of people who stop making good system cameras for no obvious reason.  Never had an OM1 though.

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