Tripod research is testing my sanity, advice please

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Re: I think you would benefit from spending a little more

Kuppenbender wrote:

Without getting into Gitzo price territory, I think you could do better.

For a little more than the Manfrotto legs the Feisol ct3442 rapid is a lot lighter and is more compact folded. It does this by doing away with the centre column (available as an optional extra). I've been surprised at how I've yet to miss the flexibility of a centre column, and I find the ct3442 quite tall enough for comfortable use (I'm 5' 10").

The Feisol legs add another $50 to your budget, but I think where you're really going to notice the benefit is with an Arca-Swiss system ballhead. With a custom plate for your DSLR, you'll get a more solid connection between the ballhead and camera than with Manfrotto's system.

I use a ballhead from Photoclam which is excellent, but a little too small for your needs. Both the Markins M10 and Feisols own CB40 ballhead get excellent reviews for their respective price points. Unfortunately the Markins will take you quite a bit over your budget, but google around for a few more opinions and I think you might be persuaded.

I have to say I'm finding the Feisol pretty compelling from a size standpoint.  Have you had any issues with stability at all?  After watching a review on setup and breakdown I can really see the benefit in speed with the twist lock style legs over the lever locks and it overcomes a fear of mine that if the tripod is too bulky that I'll end up leaving it home more often than not.  I just wouldn't want to sacrifice stability since that's the whole point of a tripod to begin with, especially with some of the long exposure shots I'd like to experiment with.

As for the ballhead, do you have a particular Arca Swiss you'd recommend for that weight load?

Thanks for all the help

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