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Re: Gaming, huh? ;-)

Mark K wrote:

Thanks Jim

I did think about SLI 660 but has been worried about the heat generated or power consumption. I was told that a very large price cut will here by two weeks for all nVidia cards because of AMD dominates local game graphic card market for their price.

I dunno.. you'll have to wait and see.   But, at $189,99 delivered for a factory OCd GTX 660 with 2GB of GDDR5 that gets nice reviews for being quite and cool, I'd just buy that instead.  This one:

Because that specific model is factory OCd for a better speed/stability ratio, it's going to be roughly 4 times as fast as your existing GTX 285.

I was only mentioning using a second card via SLI if you wanted something faster later down the road if anything you use becomes more demanding over time, not something to do "up front", as a single OCd GTX 660 should be plenty fast enough to run anything you'd throw at it, even at the highest quality settings available, still giving you acceptable frame rates without using another card in an SLI config.

That card on sale has the best price/performance you're going to find.  Again, see graphs at the bottom to see card value, and that graph is only taking into account scores submitted from a variety of different GTX 660 brands and models (1096 samples so far), not a factory OCd card that would test every faster.   So, it's "bang for the buck (price/performance ratio) is going to be even higher than the standard speed cards.

Again, a GTX 660 is a very fast card.  Note where it falls on this page of "higher end" video cards (not all models, since they start out much slower than this page is showing), and a factory OCd model would test even faster.

It's your money.  But, personally, I would not buy anything faster, even if I was into gaming; as a factory OCd GTX 660 should be plenty fast enough to meet your needs.

It's less than half of what you'd spend for a GTX 680.   Then, a couple of years down the road if more demanding games are released and you find yourself wanting something even faster, just add another GTX 660; or upgrade it to the latest GTX 7xx model (as chances are, you'll be able to buy a newer generation card (next GTX 7xx series card or whatever they have when you need to upgrade) for about the same price as a GTX 660 is selling for now, that will outperform a GTX 680.

IOW, from my perspective, a GTX 660 should be plenty fast enough for any of the current games at their highest quality settings.   Then, if you are using even more demanding games a year or two down the road, you could upgrade to the latest generation model and still outperform a current generation GTX 680, spending less for two GTX 660 type cards (for example, a GTX 660 now, and a new GTX 770 later), than buying a single GTX 680 would cost you now.

IOW, given it's much better price/performance ratio, and given that a OCd GTX 660 is very fast, I wouldn't waste my money on going to anything faster.

Also, Nvidia has been working very hard on profiles and driver updates to handle more demanding games; with good increases in speed for many games with each new generation of drivers and related profiles.

So, with driver updates, you should get even better frame rates than you'll find in some of the older GTX 660 reviews.

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