Pixel Peeping, is it worth it? 24-70 f4 v 24-70 f2.8

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Re: There are some right and wrong statements here.

Gearóid Ó Laoi, Garry Lee wrote:

Biosphere wrote:

It doesn't really merit the diversion on your hobby horse or you posting photos that to be honest

No. To be wrong and ignorant...

To be honest, beloved of the English is correctly interpreted as, to be rude etc. It is in the same ballpark as "with respect" but not quite as bad as calling someone sunshine.

don't do much in terms of building the case for the 24-105. Badly lit, black and white photos are no way to judge the quality of a lens.

There is an interesting comparison to be made between the two new 24-70 lenses from Canon, so why not try to stick to that. Surely with your 25 or so lenses there are enough threads that you can usefully contribute to (or even start)

I've no interest in having an argument with you or winding you up, and anyway given that your opening gambit with me is a negative racial stereotype (amusingly wide of the mark by the way), I'm not sure a discussion about what is and isn't rudeness is going to be fruitful given where you're at.

With regards to the posted photos, I'm not setting out to insult them. You're posting them in support of claims that it's a great lens, whilst I'm pointing out that they are black and white so not much use for trying to judge things like saturation, colour or 'pop'. That is self evident and hardly wrong or ignorant. They are also badly lit photos in that you have bright light from outdoors pretty much coming straight down the barrel resulting in poor contrast and the viewer straining to actually pick out the details. Again this is pretty obvious and hardly wrong or ignorant. Therefore, the posted photos are not good for assessing the 24-105 in this particular instance. My feedback is honest and technical - nothing more.

Finally, I will observe that as you have clearly spent tens of thousand of Euros on equipment over the years, you therefore clearly appreciate the quality that comes with being able to invest in high end equipment, and might have been able to let the discussion of the new 24-70s to take it's course rather than denigrating people with the tired old pixel peeper arguments.

Have a nice weekend

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