Who here got rid of all dust on their sensor with wet cleaning?

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The expensive sensor swabs aren't very good, and they tend to make you quit cleaning before the job is done. I strongly suggest you visit the Copperhill sensor cleaning site. I use Pec Pads wrapped around a spatula to create custom swabs. This has a couple of big advantages; the swabs are cheap and that encourages cleaning until the job is done, and the cleaning surface is better supported along a firm, straight edge. A wrapped spatula is better at cleaning to the edges.

I also mix other cleaning methods as appropriate. The tacky Dust Aid sensor pads work well with non-sticky dust and there's no concern for leaving streaks or pushing dirt to the edges of the sensor. Spec Grabbers are useful too, especially for picking up a single stubborn dust mote. But you need to clean the Spec Grabber after each time you touch it to the sensor.

Sometimes I've had to run through seven or eight cleaning passes to do a perfect cleaning job. It's  worth the effort and you will get better results with practice.

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