Do I really "need" a Q :-)

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Re: Do I really "need" a Q :-)

SRT201 wrote:

viking79 wrote:

So you really don't gain any telephoto ability (because the lenses aren't good enough).  Until they make a super high resolution telephoto lens for the Q you won't see a lot of advantage with it for tele.  What you do gain is if you take say a C mount lens, you can get much more compact than an SLR at telephoto focal lengths.


So then we're back to the perceived size advantage which is valid if you ACTUALLY find yourself having to go without a camera often because the K-5, K-01, etc. are too large.  In any other case the size advantage comes down to liking a cool tiny camera and that doesn't really justify it for me.

If you plan on just shooting normal focal lengths get a enthusiast point and shoot/compact.  Pentax MX1, Fuji X20, Panasonic LX7, Sony RX100, Samsung EX2f, etc.  The Q is right up with these in image quality in many ways, even with its smaller sensor, but if you just stick the 5-15mm on it you don't take use of its interchangeable lens advantage.

If you plan on using the Q with the 15-45mm f/2.8 for example, it gives it a huge edge over the other point and shoots mentioned.  If you plan on using the 8.5mm f/1.9 prime, you might have a slight advantage over the above cameras, but they have pretty large aperture lenses too, like EX2f is 1.4-2.7 and MX1 is 1.8-2.5, so you aren't that different aperture at a standard focal length, and most kit lenses perform well around the "normal" focal lengths.

My complaints with Q:

  • Difficult to use with my large fingers.  Especially the up button on directional/multi-function controller.  I hit the button right above it.
  • No anti-glare coating on the monitor makes it difficult to use in bright light
  • No tilt screen adds to the bright light issue.
  • Resolution is strained even with native lenses.  Sensor could probably be 6 MP and images would be the same.

What I like about the Q

  • I can pop a 16, 25, 35mm f/1.4 C mount lens on it and have a pretty compact camera with decent depth of field.  The 5MP versions lose some of their size advantage but are nice because they resolve better.
  • It is surprisingly good at high ISO, I will do a few comparisons with my Fuji X20 to quantify it a bit.
  • It is darned cute (not in a bad way unless you like big packages/cameras)
  • Extremely well made, feels like a solid little brick, at least as well made as my Fuji X20.
  • Great for shooting in good light and you aren't looking for super shallow depth of field.  I.e. for those cases you shoot f/11 with your DSLR.
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