1 electron = 1 photon?

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Re: Repeating the question: Can 1 photon sometimes produce two electrons?

Allan Olesen wrote:

It seems to me that nobody is answering the very interesting question at the end of Jack Hogan's original post. So I will repeat it because I am curious about that too:

Can 1 photon sometimes produce two electrons?

from the graph the response is never exceeding 1.

Also photos are created by electrons dropping from higher energy shells to lower ones.

their energy levels are fix, the same exact amount of energy would be needed to reverse this process at the other end.

but this never happens at 100%, it would seem that more energetic photos have better success rate, but never will the exceed the 100% rate.

also, electron on electron shells are expressed in percentage of existence, we can never be sure as to say an event took place, we can only express it as a percentage, such is the natural of things at the quantum level.

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