Is FF sensors going to slowly phase out?

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Re: Is FF sensors going to slowly phase out?

Bart Hickman wrote:

Car size is not analogous to camera size since there's a tangible benefit of large size on a car (more cargo room).

There are a tangible benefits to larger camera sensor size: 1+  stops better noise performance and better OVF.

For a camera (and lens), size is always something you want to minimize.

Actually no - some people like larger cameras.  By your definition, the ideal current ILC is the Pentax Q.

| When 8" drives were the established technology and 5.25" drives began competing, 8" drives were superior in capacity, speed, and latency.

8" drive platters were in washing machine or refrigerator sized cabinets - not the same market at all (poor analogy).

It's an perfect analogy with exactly the same type of tradeoff.  The point is people who wanted more performance put up with the larger machines.

Sigh.  The cost/performance ratio of 8" drives was coming down slowly. The cost/performance of 5.25" drives was coming down quickly.  Any idiot looking at the trend data could easily predict when 5.25" drives would be better.  You have no data to support this for sensors: the rate of change for cost/performance for sensors is relatively constant.

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