HS50EXR $479 at Henrys

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Re: HS50EXR $479 at Henrys

Photofreak7 wrote:


Henry's Toronto has the camera on sale until next Wednesday. Quite tempting... I have the Panasonic FZ200 but I never really did warm up to it despite its many great qualities. To me the camera feels "cheap" (that didn't go over well in the Panasonic forum!) and I am hoping the Fuji will have a good feel and build quality...we'll see. Someone commented that "feel has nothing to do with the camera or user taking a good picture" which is true but when the camera is continually passed over in favor of another....well, to me, that means that the Panasonic is now "sellable". Thanks


Similiar in price but totally different animals ... 200 is better for video and has the great f/2.8 lens (but shorter range) and the 50 pretty much has everything else including good build quality.

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Hi. I don't use the video function so that's ok. I am kinda concerned that the fuji will not continually auto focus at 10fps as I like to try to take pictures of the dog at hyperspeed. I s'pose I could just manual zone focus but......



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