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Re: To succeed more with flash....

First, I want to state that I didn't think I was getting flash underexposure with my FL600R on my E-PL5, but I did notice that my jpgs were much lighter than my raw images and that I had to increase the exposure in Adobe Camera Raw.

I hesitate to use plus flash compensation when I'm photographing a "deep" subject like a room full of people because I know those closest to me will be overexposed.

I use my shutter speed that will give me the best representation of the ambient light in a room so the background doesn't go completely dark.

Everything is a trade off - part of the picture will be properly exposed and part of it will have to be adjusted.  That's just the way it is with flash.

I've never used the clip on flash because I know it is underpowered - and never use direct flash if I can avoid it.  I use the Stofen Omnibounce on my FL600R and point it at the ceiling, rather than use it at the 45% agree they suggest - I just like the results better.  I find it better to use manual mode, choosing both aperture and shutter speed, as well as ISO, to achieve the results I want.

Best thing I ever did to improve my flash photography was to get a copy of "Flash, The Most Available Light", published by Lumiquest.  It's a wonderful education that made me hate flash way less - and even enjoy it sometimes!  I no longer feel like a victim of flash results I don't like - at least I know how to avoid them.


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