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Re: That's just the way EVF is...

OntarioJohn wrote:

We seem obsessed with something that is irrelevant .

The object of the EVF viewfinder is not to see exactly what the eye would see.

The object of the EVF viewfinder is to see what the sensor will reproduce.

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Some people do not like a dim viewfinder(in very bright light) while others do not seem to be bothered by it. It's a personal tolerance issue. My style of shooting is to quickly bring the camera up to the eye compose quickly and shoot. Anything that hampers this process like not being able to quickly discern the proper composition is not preferable for me, so I dot think it is irrelevant. for me. Trusting my cameras ability to capture a clean wide dynamic range image with a fairly accurate exposure (using some exposure bracketing for tweaking) has yielded very satisfactory results for me up until now.

I think I am an adaptable person and having invested much in the alpha system, an A99 or evolution of it is probably in my near future. So getting used to this may not be a problem. When I buy the camera I'll make sure to get it from a dealer who will accept returns if I cannot adapt.

By the way for your last statement above, how can a dim contrasty viewfinder show you what the sensor will reproduce. I don't think the EVF is a match in dynamic range or contrast for the sensor but only an approximation.

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