SEL20F28 impresses and puzzles at the same time

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Thanks for your tests. I too, bought the SEL20 and I already have the 16&19. I like the compact size and the FL. Your test gave me a good feel of the lenses and I concur with the results And your opinion. There will be some who make all sort of noise but then won't show anything for it. Just ignore them!

I too find that although S19 is sharp, it's kinda boring and I hardly used it. I heard someone mentioned it lacks character. So what is it that you find using the Sigmas for your travelling not to your liking?

E35 was my fav lens but now E20 is giving it a good run for the money. It makes my 5and 6 so tiny I just feel like taking my Nex everywhere. I think Sony hit the nail on this one, makes my Nex a P&S for snapshots And casual outings. I'd rather take my E35 if I have to choose between the Sigmas, brighter with OSS to boot. S19 is about the same size as E35. E20 about 1/3 the size! E16 is just too difficult to use with curves everywhere. But E16 with UWA adapter is a great combo for vacation shots. That's all I use it for so far.

I'll drop the 1650 for my next vacation though. 16,19,20,35&55-210&UWA is what I'll bring. 19 might be dropped or kept as spare...

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