Is there any Landscape photographer using a SD1 Merrill in the house?

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vbd70 wrote:

thank you very much for your detailed reply, it helps a lot. Yeah, my problem (as with most APS-C cameras) is with the lack of WA and ultra-WA. The 8-16 looks good, but not great; I'd stay clear of the 10-20 from what I have seen online.

Interesting remark about the 30s long-exposure limit. Do you know if the SD1 subtracts a black frame for noise or not?

Thanks again, best,


Hello Vieri

I'm pretty sure the SD1 does a dark frame subtraction as the camera is unusable after taking a long exposure. (roughly for the same time as the exposure)
In my opinion, the 8-16mm is better than the 10-20mm, i had the 10-20mm f4-5.6 and i was selling it because the performance was too bad for the SD1. Although it was much easier to use filters with it.
Here is a sample of a totally unprocessed SD1 image with the 8-16mm. All SPP settings to zero, luminance noise reduction off (yeah i know, there is some dust on the sensor



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