Why Win8 will succeed. Or fail.

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they could have two operating systems

Yes, it's a given the PC sales will be slowing down, and mobile is where it's at, but was the solution to try to make an operating system that tried to do both, failing at each?

Surely a huge company like MS could have come up with a the next generation PC system, AND a stripped down and interface optimized version for mobile? Does Apple has one operating system for both?

That's just one of those dumb corporate decisions that probably sounded good in some meeting. You know, the one where all the engineers are rolling their eyes.

Whats funny to me is how the evolution of Windows is getting away from an operating system, and turning into the optimization of eye candy. What I want is a better search function, better file transfer, back up. You know. What used to be the core of an operating system. Thing DOS and UNIX were and are better at. Instead we get Aero.

Sean Nelson wrote:

CAcreeks wrote:

Eweek reports the worst quarterly PC sales (globally) since 1994. That was when PCs came with DOS and Windows 3.1! IDC blames Windows 8.

While I doubt Windows 8 is stimulating PC sales particularly, I'm not sure it's fair to lay the blame for poor sales at its feet.  Desktop technology has been very stable ever since the Core i5/7 series came out so there's not a lot of reason for most people to upgrade.   At the same time the mobile marketplace is taking off, which is doubtless sucking at least some people's upgrade budgets.

I don't think the interesting thing with Windows is how poor PC sales are - that's pretty much expected IMHO.   The interesting thing is what's happening with Windows mobile devices - which, as far as I can see, is very little.   Mobile is where the action is, and it seems like Windows 8 is mostly missing out on it.   I don't find that surprising, but Metro is Microsoft's ticket to the mobile marketplace.  If they can't do succeed there, then all this Metro angst is for naught.

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