Will Nikon add VR to the 17-55 2.8 dx ever?

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Re: Will Nikon add VR to the 17-55 2.8 dx ever?

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Guidenet wrote:

Have you noticed that just about all professional grade f/2.8 zooms are clearly near $2000?

This mentality you have that they are crazy priced is why Nikon, Canon, Sigma and Tamron just aren't going to be doing much in expensive APS-C crop lenses. The price expectations of most DX shooters limit the market too severely.

That's why you'll continue to see inexpensive kit type zooms and a few inexpensive primes made for DX. The quality, IQ and price expectations are way lower among most DX shooters. Not all, just most.

You see, you think it's not worth the exorbitant $1400. I think that's a bargain for a prograde fast zoom. Look at the 14-24 or 24-70. They aren't really harder to build or much larger. They are more expensive though.

Take care.

I think no one should expect more pro grade zooms for DX, but by a reasonable lowering of the build quality (to 16-85 standard rather than 18-55) such a lens could possibly  be offered at a  price closer to 1000$ which might find a market also among DX users, especially now when the D7100 is hitting the market. There is after all a quite huge price gap that can be filled between the 500/700$ Tamron/Sigma versions and the 1400$ Nikon.

I think you're completely right. In fact, they could easily come in at the same price at Sigma and Tamron, but it would do two things, I think. One, it would eat into the current sales of the existing 17-55 f/2.8 and the 16-85 DX. Secondly, Eirik, I think it would set false expectations about the possibility of a D400 in the future, which I doubt. I could be wrong, but I think the future is FX all the way. I really believe it would have to be as inexpensive as the current 3rd party makers to generate new sales. You'd have to take their sales.

I think the key to this is a pro-grade level DX camera from Nikon. If a D400 is not forthcoming, I believe Nikon will not create much in the way of upgraded glass in DX. The interesting thing is, I'm wondering if I'd be a buyer of a D400. I've always said no, but that field of view is interesting as a high speed sports model or a poor man's D4. I'm just not sure there's a whole lot of market for a camera in the exact same price point as the D600 FX. I'd buy a D400 maybe, just for the build, frame rates and control layout to match my other gear. I just don't think there are many like me. I think most would opt for a full frame D600. So would I if I didn't already have a D800, D3S and a D700. This would just be a ungrade for my fairly unused D300. It would really have to be something special.

Take care, my friend.

But I think your underplaying one important quantity here, and that's the sheer number of existing DX users compared to FX which I think is maybe 90%. While it's true that a quite large percentage of those may not buy any additional lenses save for maybe a 55-200mm or something, the number of DX users that actually buys additional quality glass should still be large compared to the number of FX users (who all have would have a collection of lenses). Nikon needs to keep also these existing customers happy (like e.g. me) to keep them in the Nikon fold and maintain sales volume, and therefore should no just abandon the DX DSLR system from one year to another. Because of this, although I agree that the DX DSLR will be obsolete eventually, I think Nikon will do this very gradually. I also think we'll see the D400 this year, but it will be the last of its kind - and if Canon releases a 7DII, its a certain. My guess is that we'll see something like a mirrorless dX Nikon 2 system at the lower end within the next year, which will gradually replace DX DLSRs while FX DSLRs will stay around for a long time still. To me as a DX owner that poses a bit of a dilemma in terms of lens purchases (haven't got rid of the NAS..). Do I purchase DX lenses now if I expect to have to make a choice between mirrorless or FX at one point? My conclusion so far is to buy whatever I need now, don't worry about my status of my gear and its value in five years time and be happy taking photos!

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