low light shot of Sony NEX-6 vs Fuji X100

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zackiedawg wrote:

Hey Pete - I avoided this thread because of some of the responses you were getting sounded like it was going to get a little testy in here - but you also got some very good advice and responses in here too - so I had nothing to add.  Count me in with those who think that you might have something wrong with your camera, though.

I think what he's saying isn't that YOU had the EV accidentally set to -2 - you didn't, according to the EXIF.  But clearly your NEX6 was not performing like everyone else's does in that same scenario.  IE: if you shoot with a NEX6 in aperture priority in the same lighting as that Fuji, with the same settings, the brightness on pretty much every NEX6 out there would come out the same as the Fuji's brightness, or at least close enough to not matter.  Some of the settings chosen may be different - in other words, at F5.6 in aperture priority, the Fuji might have chosen a slower shutter speed and lower ISo by default, and the NEX a faster shutter speed with a higher ISO, but the end result should be equal brightness.  The fact that the NEX6 sample you showed was so drastically underexposed points to some kind of odd issue - a setting that was set but not reading out on the screen (in other words, you thought you were on 0 EV, and the camera SAID 0EV, but was still shooting in -2 EV...or you thought you were on multi-metering, and the camera SAID multi-metering, but somehow you were metering in spot mode...something like that).  Or, you had something strange like a sticking aperture, improperly mounted lens causing issues between the lens and camera connection, etc. which caused the camera to take what it thought was a proper exposure, but the aperture blades closed more than expected and forced underexposure, or the lens mount wasn't connected well or properly and gave the wrong readings.

The point being, pretty much any of our NEX cameras, in the same scenario, would never, ever underexpose that badly in the same shooting scenario, assuming the same aperture setting as the Fuji, and shutter & ISO left controlled by the camera, and EV set to 0.  I shoot a ton of low light and night handheld shots with my NEX5N, and though a different camera than yours, the basic system for metering and shooting is the same...I can say positively and without doubt that mine would never underexpose any scene like that unless I forced it to (spot metering off a lightbulb in the scene, or setting EV down to -2).  It may go for a longer shutter speed that would be difficult to handhold, or it may crank the ISO to 3200, but it would NOT use a faster shutter or low ISO and underexpose the scene by 2-3 stops!

So it seems possible your camera has some fault and it would be worth exchanging for another, rather than assume that all NEX cameras perform like yours does.  If you prefer the Fuji, then that's another story - if you like it, keep it.  But just keep your mind open to the idea that your particular example of NEX may be a faulty one, and not indicative of that camera's performance.

Thanks for that comprehensive advice and info.  I'll certainly take it on board. I'll check it again tonight in aperture priority mode and see if it comes anywhere near the manual tests I did last night - which were great. I'll check all the settings including metering mode. If it messes up again, and the settings displayed are correct, then as you say it could be firmware/hardware issues.

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