Is there any Landscape photographer using a SD1 Merrill in the house?

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Re: Is there any Landscape photographer using a SD1 Merrill in the house?

larryj wrote:

Hello Vieri:

I shoot a lot of landscape with the SD1M and as you can see from my post on this forum, I use the 24-70 mm F:2.8 lens for most of my shooting.  From 35 mm up to 70 mm it is excellent.  I have a 20 mm F:1.8 for wider shots and it will almost match the DP1M except in the corners.  I also like the 70-200 mm lens which I find to be very good.  I have used most the lenses you propose and found them to work very well on the SD1M.  I have not used the 120-300 F:2.8 lens, but all reports say it is great.  For my wildlife shots I use the 50-500 mm lens which i find is remarkably good.

I hope this helps.

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Quote from Myron Woods

Hello Larry,

thank you for your message. Interesting to hear about the 20 f1.8, Marco above also finds it good, while I have seen mostly bad reviews online. You mention "except in the corners", would you expand a bit on this? For instance: how far into the corners it becomes really bad? "Bad" as in: not so sharp; very unsharp but nicely blurred; or downright mushy?

As well, how do you find the 24-70 in it's WA side, say from 24 to 35-50? Is it good, or so-so? I read around and I thought it would be a bit weak on the wide side...

About the longer lenses, thank you very much for the 50-500 mention, I only heard very good things about it.



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