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Re: Manual ? No

royalpar1 wrote:

The Manual sucks, however best bang for the buck is obtaining Gary Friedmans download. The rest of the books including David Busch are nonsense. Gary is not afraid to tell you which settings to use. If you are interested enough to hang on this board, the 30 bucks you will spend on the download is the best accessorie you can buy for your camera.

I'll second that!

I got the A57 a week ago when it went on sale. I read the Manual and Handbook from cover to cover and much of it was a little confusing as to how things worked. The A57 is more complicated than my A100 and A300 is. So I got Gary's A57/A37 Ebook and it got me up and running. I highly recommend it!

The A57 is a fantastic camera and I really enjoy using it. The one thing I do miss that my A100/300 would do and the A57 doesn't is using my Sony F56 flash as the main wireless flash. Wired, it works great.

One other great thing, I bought a used Minolta 58mm F/1.2 lens back in 1999 when I was shooting film and it never seemed to work well so I put it away. In 2006, I bought the A100 and signed on this forum and I read about converting the 58mm lens to the A mount for digital photography by removing the lens mount and using a turned down t-mount in it's place . It worked but a pain to use and difficult to focus well using the small viewfinder. By reading Gary's book I discovered 'focus peaking' and now I can easily focus the lens plus with a much larger viewfinder. Not only that, with the A57, I can use all the different exposure modes where before I it would only work in manual exposure mode.


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