Older Minolta Lenses

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re: nay, nowhere as bad as you make it sound...

Keit ll wrote:

This lack becomes more of an issue the longer the focal length of the lens , try putting a 500mm mirror lens on a NEX & you will see an image which dances around on the LCD or in the EVF & which can only be controlled by using a tripod.

...certainly tripod will help with stabilizing an image from the Minolta AF reflex 500/8, but not as much as expected = instead of handshakes and tremors we'll have to cope with vibrations (unless a tripod is hyper-sturdy). However, the 500/8 cat is perfectly hand-holdable down to 1/500 sec. Also, in a good light there seldom is any need to pump ISO above 400-800 level (and I'm talking of Nex-7 here, not exactly low noise champion ),


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