Don't drop your SX50. It's expensive. :-)

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Re: Don't drop your SX50. It's expensive. :-)

Andrew McP wrote:

camera cost me about £250 (after Canon Cashback) before Christmas.

Very good price -- where was that?

"Of course my biggest problem is that after my disappointment with the SX50's viewfinder I'm thinking about the FZ200 again. It's almost worth £180 not to have to go through all that indecision again."

I've ended up wondering about Fz200 (hesitant about general image quality and seemingly inferior ability to cope with higher ISO settings, though it's got exceptionally nice handling and screens) v the Canon SX50 (poor viewfinder, but smaller aperture at long zoom compensated for by its apparent ability to do a lot better than its competitors at higher ISO settings).

Ironic that I like the FZ200 because it feels so like my old Fuji S6500 ... but get the impression that the present range Fuji super-zooms may be a mess of headaches worth avoiding.

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