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Re: SSD performance

Tareq Abdulla wrote:

I don't know if the type of SSD can do any change for booting time, i changed laptop but using same SSD i use on the old laptop but i formatted and installed clean Windows 7 again, so maybe this Samsung SSD is not that great on this laptop performance, it may shine for desktop and another laptop, so should i try another SSD brand and see if that may do any difference?!!!

I doubt that as this moment another SSD do get better results. The Samsung 840 Pro is one of the fastest in the market now for normal desktop or laptop.
As written, it is a combination of the other optional Intel utilities to use.
(It is suggested over and over also by other users within this thread).

Some images placed by malch suggest he is using these cache settings / hibernate combination of the Intel RST toolbox, to boot up fast. I only do use the RAID option, not that cache option. In spite of those amazing speed above 1000 Mb/s at RSID-0, boot-up without that cache setting is just "slow" when I have installed an OS to that RAID-drive.

But yes, loading an image into Photoshop CS6, an 2x3 meter big image (300 dpi / 3x 16 bit) ----> file 4.9 Gb, is loaded within 5 seconds.

However using the RAID drive for Photoshop cache (set within Photoshop), PLUS loading files from the same RAID drive, these tremendous speeds are to much to combine for the PC system itself (Photoshop cache also is writing to the drive at the same time). The combination writing cache / reading data file failed a second time, crashing Windows. Setting  Photoshop cache to another SSD, and only reading or only writing files to the fast RAID drive is not a problem.

So every advantage has it hassle and disadvantages.

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