How would you move from APS-C to FF?

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How would you move from APS-C to FF?

FF has become a big topic again recently.  I'm pretty sure I'd stick with APS-C anyway but I find it interesting to consider how I'd make the move.  People with a cupboard full of FF lenses obviously would have no problem moving.  But what about the rest of us?

I've built up my lenses (six I've bought, one gift) to suit how I like to shoot.  Changing AOV by 1.5X obviously entails some rethinking.  We're all different: here's mine but what's yours?

Wide end.  I own the Sigma 8-16, which I use mainly at its widest.  Before that I had a Sigma 10-20 but after using my brother's Sigma 12-24 on his D700 I knew I wanted to go wider.  The 8-16 is pretty heavy already but I'd have to factor in the cost of the 12-24 on top of the cost of a new body.

Normal(ish).  I bought my DA35/2.8 because I wanted something about 50-55 equivalent.  It seems to cover the FF circle.  At present I don't have a 35 equivalent lens and rarely used my 10-20 at 20.  However, I'd give the 35 a try on FF as a one-lens-only option.  My FA50/1.4 would revert to being my normal FL.

Short tele.  My DA70/2.4 would become a shorter portrait lens than it is at present.  I'm not sure if it would get much other use.

Short tele/macro.  I already use my DFA100/2.8 for portraits and it would continue that job.  Ditto close up and macro work.  But for super macro (using extension tubes, for instance) anything less than a 36MP FF sensor would be a step backwards.  1:1 means I'd get more in the frame but the physical size of the object stays the same, and that applies to bigger magnifications.  I'd need to crop to get the same output size as my K-5 so a lower pixel pitch would actually cost IQ.

Tele.  This is all downhill.  Even if the 1.4X SDM TC (which I'll buy anyway) comes along it would just take my DA*200/2.8 back to what it is on my K-5.  My Tamron Adaptall SP 300/5.6 would also simply lose reach.

I don't really think all this balances the tighter DOF available at shorter FLs, which is why I'm so sure I'd stick with APS-C.  Extra DR would be nice but a 3-shot bracket on my K-5 gives 19 stops ...

From a Pentax marketing perspective, note that the only lens sale the move would generate is a 3rd party UWA.

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