Thom Hogan's assessment of a D400

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Re: You are so right about this.

Photo Exporter wrote:

Nepentanova wrote:

A quote from Thom, 2008

"D400: D300 replacement announced very late in the year if at all in 2009"

A quote from Thom, 2010

D400: announced late in the year (August or later). The real question is what changes from a D300s?

A qoute from Thom in 2013

I still believe that Mr. Van D400 will eventually wake, and my best guess would be he needs to break his slumber late this summer

      He'll get it right eventually.....

      That is epic research.  I like Thom, but he is no better than the rest of them.  Keep guessing, and if/when it happens, act like you were dead on with your info.  It keeps people on the edge of their seat, and on your website too

      You need to look at it differently. Nikon introduces a new generation of pro camers every 4 years. And in between there is an update where some minor features are adjusted, but main components like the sensor and focus system remain the same.

      In that context, the D300 update (D300s), to which that quote referred, did appear in 2009. So, he got that right.

      With regards to the second quote, under Nikon's normal release planning, that would mean the new generation/successor would be introduced in 2011. That did not happen. We don't know why. But it is an anomaly. It is not unlikely that the Thailand floods upset the release planning to such an extend that Nikon had to decide to skip a release cycle. In other words, there was no production capacity in Thailand and by the time the capacity was available again, it would be too close to the intermediate update. So, best to drop the D400 version and start from scratch as it was more important to refresh the D90, D3000 and D5000.

      That brings us to 2013 and Thom's third statement. By Nikon's own release calendar, the D400 is now 2 years late and had it come out according the the release calendar, 2013 would be the mid-cycle update. Hmm...

      Further to that, it is clear from the D7100 specs that there is a gap between a D7100 and D600 in terms of price and in terms of features. In Europe, the price gap between the two is 700 Euros at the moment for body-only For €350 extra you can get a lot of nice features that pros want on a body without getting too close to the D600 price.

      In conclusion. it is a pretty safe bet that a D300 successor will come out now. And if not, start worrying about Nikon itself. That company cannot survive without a good APS-C line-up. They need 4 bodies and they need extra lenses.

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