Rethinking 4/3 Depth Of Field

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Re: Rethinking 4/3 Depth Of Field

I'm replying here though the post relates to several points in the thread.

Normally I stick to base ISO on either E-PM2 or D800, so I wondered how high-ISO noise compared, in the sense being discussed.  As sharpness (bandwidth) and noise go together, I tried to take nearly equivalent images.  I also compared a E-PM1 which has had its IR filter replaced with a clear filter (so not quite a fair comparison).

This is a rough comparison as it is hard to match images with good control of exposure (accounting for lens transmission), focus, etc.  My immediate objective was to find how hard it would be to do a really good comparison (quite hard), but the results seem good enough to share.

The images are crops from almost exact frame centre. A Hoya CP filter was used for its attenuation (the same one for all, with step up rings).

Exposures were around 1/4000s, although overcast, the daylight varied a little.

The images were processed in UFRAW (I don't normally use it, but wanted to use a relatively basic converter).  The D800 image had a bit more NR than the others before it was resized, but I think it still contains more information after resizing.

Some more details:

E-PM2: ISO1600, 75mm f/2.5. Cropped. M mode. AF-S.

E-PM1 (IR filter removed): 75mm f/2.5.  Resized and cropped (Lanczos 6x6 in Picture Window Pro 7.0)  M mode. AF-S.

D800: ISO6400, Tamron 70-300VC at roughly150mm and f/4.8.  Resized and cropped. M mode, PD AF.

These were tripod mounted, and the subject was at around 30m distance (in very light rain).

Hmm, I'm  having a problem with my Gallery images, I'll try to fix it in an edit.  There is enough EXIF left in to reveal which is which.


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