HS50EXR and F900EXR reviews, continued ...

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Re: part 14 -- dynamic range extension ...

Kim, I used to avoid DR400 all the time on my HS20, as i found it tended to flatten the images. Much like zooming in, but without zooming in. The images would loose the feeling of depth, so i would only use DR400 or higher for specific shots, fast speed, sunsets etc. So with this in mind, how would you say the HS50 fares in regards to image depth at more or less constant DR400, and what is the best way to counter this? In composition, or in PP? And how?

Many thanks for all the work, i've actually learned a lot more from these boards (Myfinepix, is a shambles these days) about my camera than Fuji bothered to inform me about it. lol

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