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Machine Gun Kelly wrote:

I do not wish to self identify on the internet. I prefer to remain anonymous.

Of course not, because allowing someone to evaluate your books would actually prove something. It would prevent you from pretending.

Meanwhile, I figure if this topic is aired enough, it might stop a few people following the idea that somehow just magically there might be a market for photography.

What I thought all along, attempting to scare potential competition.

When it gets down to people saying "ah but you needed to do this" we are into snake oil territory as I found with SEO. Now that was a waste of time, effort and money. There's no point in being on whatever page of google if nobody is going to click on your website.

Bwahaha, one of the most funny things I've heard in a long time! Thanks for the laugh!

I can lead a horse to water. I cannot make him drink. I can put an optimised website out there on page 1 of google. I cannot make people visit. I can show people my work and get gasps of admiration and questions on how I achieved various effects. I can't make people buy prints nor can I make people hire me.

If they aren't hiring you there is a reason. Price too high for the quality, products/services insufficient, something. Or could be multiple things. Regardless, it's on YOU, not them.

The fact I have found is nobody wants to pay for photography no matter how badly they do it themselves.


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