Future of photography: Imaging by light vector recording.

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He's just a troll, Mike...

mike703 wrote:

looper1234 wrote:

You seem to want to make that point that scientific naysayers (with credentials) are sometimes wrong. May I recommend other examples?


Yes, its nice to have a voice of reason in this toxic environment.

Toxic?  Because someone knowledgeable politely and correctly pointed out the flaws in your argument until you started throwing insults around?

to be perfectly honest, I never wanted to get technical on the subject of how it should be done;

Then why bring it up?  There are severe technical limitations as clearly explained in this post


- and more than that, basic limitations on the way the universe works - which can't be got around.

To revisit an earlier analogy: your posts are like getting excited about anti-gravity cars, and when people point out some problems, responding 'Hey, I didn't want to get into the boring technicalities of anti gravity, I just wanted to gush about how cool it would be'.

I was treating him seriously, until I read a bit of his posting history. He's stalking the beginner's forum and giving deliberately calculated bad advice, specifically designed to confuse people.

Nothing but a troll, out to see how much trouble he can cause, how many people he can upset.

He's what the ignore feature was built for.

"cannot be done, cannot be achieved forever and ever and that's that."

Sometimes that's true.  Ever heard of Heisenberg's uncertainly principle?  There is a limitation to what can be measured and there's no getting around it.  In this case the more 2D images from different points of view that you want to be able to generate from your information, the lower the resolution and information content of each will be.  the higher the resolution, the fewer images you will be able to generate.  Or as it was put in the above post:

'The tradeoff between the "refocus" ability (or 3D ability) and resolution (and low light ability) is what insures that this technology will never be more than a novelty.'

There is a finite limit to what this technique can do - unless of course you know something that Heisenberg didn't.

Of course he does: he's 19. Many of us were like that, at that age. Give him another decade, and he'll realize exactly how much he doesn't know.

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