7D Mirror Shake - w/70-200 f/2.8 - Advice on brace, please

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Re: 7D Mirror Shake - w/70-200 f/2.8 - Advice on brace, please

myphotographic wrote:

Not so long ago, I went to a talk by this guy, who does a lot of landscapes using telephotos, and he talked about the need for a brace that steadies by the lens and the body, as just the lens ring isn't enough.

I think he name checked this ReallyRightStuff lens support

The linked mount won't support both the lens and the body. What it will support is the lens in two places, a slightly different (and more valid) concept than supporting both the lens and the body.

The mount between the lens and the camera should be pretty solid and accurate, and the camera body weighs relatively little compared to larger lenses.

The ideal is simply to support the lens and camera assembly directly below the centre of gravity. Maybe easier said than done, but with a telephoto, that is going to be forward of the camera lens mount.

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