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Re: if only!!!!

nikonFboy wrote:

Love the shot, but to convey the title more strongly it may have helped to crop the photo on the right to just after the edge of the poster, not even including the second light on the right... I think you'll get a shot the with a natural divide(the pillar) and it should look like they are more apart, maybe even worlds apart(in many different ways?)
Just an idea
All the best Carl
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hi Carl

what you suggest is very nearly what I posted, if there had been a little more of a gap between the poster edge and the strip light I would have gone for it. as it was it looked unbalanced cropping to the edge of the poster and I didn't like just part of the strip light being in the frame. when I decided to put all the strip light in the image I thought the yellow barrier helped to balance it up, as I could appreciate the yellow diagonal it then showed.

thanks for the comments.

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I agree with Paul here. The yellow sign on the left is balanced well with the yellow barrier and the yellow line on the street.

Also having the collumn in the middle also creates an interesting division between the elements we discussed (male/female, etc etc).


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