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Re: Challenge Voting Ethics

Mscan wrote:

... Are others using the feedback page too?

Here's what I sent:


Yes, we do, and so far there was not nearly enough reaction to remedy the situation. All those things that you have noticed are real, and to such an extent that old members leave the Challenges, frustrated to the gills.

There is an awful lot of text about it in this Forum, it would take you days to read through it. If you just browse the five (!) chapters of "What should be done with Cheats?" thread, you will see for how long hosts and conscientious members are grappling with this malady.

There is still some hope that DPR people take this seriously enough to rewrite the Challenge system, as there are ways to make these cheating attempts inefficient.

Thanks for your support. I wish more people would ask for such changes. There are ways to return the fun to Challenges and to get rid of cheaters in the same go.

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